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that's because siri isn't a very comfortable place for a family with eight children. i have to take almost all of them with me. arlo. can confirm the psalm twenty nine million. with every new child drive to work for a bigger income became stronger and one point it looked as though it was living the perfect life but soon she had to start all over again from scratch. my mother announced that we would be going to another country when we were celebrating our tourist birthday as i had been aware of her plan but i never assumed that she had really meant it. on the other hand my mother is the decision maker when she has set a goal she always gets her way. not everyone in the family greeted the news with enthusiasm naturally there were problems and the plans pros and cons were discussed
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despite the obvious worries i retained her composure she has several rules for a happy life the first is always to trust the good things and ignore the bad ones. the fact is that i have a positive mindset i try to ignore negative scenarios if something goes wrong it's always for the better. has repeatedly seen her theory proved the clearest example was when at the age of eighteen she and her husband failed to become residents of the united states my ex-husband was a translator when an american university gave him a grant for education my decision was instant going to the states i said our daughter carolina was born there i certainly didn't want to be a mother of so many children and to go to the states to further my education this soon as we returned to russia we immediately applied for an american research but our request was turned down now i realize that if we had gone there we would have lost three years. quite
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a lot in russia during that time. children. quickly arrived one after the other. was adopted the six year old daughter of her first husband. father maintains that his daughter should not have children because of poor health. by the time she was thirty. had four children but the businesswoman had little time to devote to a large family. life rule came into play. but i need to have the right. people you trust that is what's most important. then you'll be comfortable work and play. in appreciation for the good work of her employees. for a holiday twice a year. takes her youngest son with her traveling with
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a baby is no trouble at all because all those husband is always there to help. always ready to help. five children. it was just. a second husband when she already had five children on her hands seven years of marriage produced three more. and mark's. posts to be able to set up a business of their own and spend their time as they saw fit. also decided by her guidelines for. happy life according to third life style rule you should always
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have a clear understanding of what she wants to achieve the. need to understand what kind of man you want to be. mental image of his appearing and visualize other characteristics down to the smallest detail. need to understand what exactly you want if you don't nobody else can possibly help you get it. don't make. friends and relatives. when she decided to leave her first husband taking five children with. a dream for many women. would be a real death to the children just. want to live and what you don't want. some women are content to have
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a husband even if he's good for nothing this is. not a prince. prince riding a white horse. such women have too many fears. the prospect of. being left with no means of support but if a woman fears nothing in every respect i think every one of us has the same purpose a fulfilling and happy life consciously refusing to be happy is not an option. happy birthday. my birthday comes every day. of help both a business person. for just three hours a day she just don't. always have to show up at the office holder only visited to
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take part in important because he ations she spends the rest of her time with her children. she likes telling theri tales to us children it's true though that sometimes she gets them mixed up she begins telling one story but then shifts to another one with realizing that there are two different fairytales as soon as she enters the flat she switches off her mobile means we have her undivided attention where did you ask the magic ball if my mom last me if your mom loves you . did you really have any doubts. but our answer is very interested in dancing music and all forms of creativity. and coming to hair. she is beatrice
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a like a flower. to always make her is she likes all of that we were worried at one point about where our tour would like girls and not so much but we stopped worrying when we saw the doors women and. even said several times he was going to get merritt. he says mommy i've met a girl and i need money because i want to buy her a present she has a man he understands the two we're a woman he needs a wallet. but i ask why do you like doll so much and he says i just love beautiful women. and then my husband wasn't worried anymore. maza has allowed me put him down and don't ever do that again marc is not not at all although he has been misbehaving
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a little bit lately but basically he's fairly manageable gentle giant yeah but he's upset assed with putting everything in order she wants everything to function like clockwork and she always sees to it that everybody behaves as they shoot been a housewife is a problem for me running a household is the least of my ability is i don't know how to do it the result of my efforts doesn't give mr distraction i certainly like delicious food children and in need but i absolutely have no idea of how to bring all that about it's important to delegate to other people jobs the tear either can't cope with yourself or have to spend a lot of time doing the totally applies to your household to always interest other members of the family with jobs that i don't like doing or can't. for the past five years a maid has helped to run a large household she does the chills and looks after the tiny newborn. but the
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businesswoman refuses to give up breastfeeding it's a matter of principle for her. maintains that all babies should be fed naturally until they are at least one year of age. as many children she's not ready to give up her business travels or social life but she does have to make some sacrifices even though she seems to have mastered the art of time management. i've got no time at all to look after my physical appearance or my health or nord. so i have time for a good night's sleep well. five or six hours of sleep would be enough in the short run but when that goes on for years the exhaustion of facts the state of your health.
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at fifteen is going through an awkward age studies have given way to music and friends his mates of notes together a band but unfortunately it's going to have to split up soon because the drummer is moving to another country. if i were to decide where to live with family and friends my choice would be russia. moving means hauling heavy boxes but my family leaves where else can i go. she was looking forward to our movie because she's dying to go to school as soon as possible. for over there while our tour doesn't want to go because he hates mark is worried about being unable to understand the local language he wants to go because he hopes life there is easy and more comfortable time is running out as they're set to go to italy. will again have to grapple with a difficult problem how to organize the life of a big family in a new place. has their own rules for
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a happy life but the big question is whether they will work in a new country. oh
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oh . more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are all over the day. the.
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line in motion would be soon much brighter if you knew more about songs from the finest impressions. means for instance on t.v. don't come. it turns out that taking a big family to start over in another country is not as easy as it sounds there
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first problems appear at the airport before they even get underway you reserve your seats but you didn't check in for the flight in person we have a child just a minute. it's a disaster we were three minutes late to check in they didn't let us through and now there aren't enough open seats on the next flight. back is only temporary just half an hour later the parents board the next plane to milan with their youngest children. meanwhile the youngest daughters stay behind it's the first time they'll have to live away from the rest of the family for such a long time. i'm already an adult and so i have to settle down and take care of myself of course i'm going to miss them a lot because children are children. yet i love them a lot and it's going to be kind of hard without them fortunately alina
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does have something to occupy her time in moscow she's studying to be a culture expert. she also likes to dance just as her mother did in her younger days. sister carolyn also has plans of her own. i have a happy life and. i like everything him. if someone said because they're gone i'll be missing them. and i wish all of them happiness. she wants to get married and has been in a serious relationship for the past year that's why carolina has learned how to cook but unlike her mother at the age of just eighteen years old she has no intention of having children for the time being.
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at school in italy youngest son has been presented with a big problem the truth has fallen out in the classroom if you can't find it he thinks the tooth fairy won't grant him and he wishes the teacher tries but fails to console him with the offer of a consolation present but he simply doesn't understand. russian friends but i has known i don't dull chris anybody because i can speak italian or english i don't know if there is a language just that he might do. it. yes. it's my dues it came out. only in my
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head you know you're losing my hand and i'm too early and say here. i am i know. that. ok you're. ok i was. struggling with a new language and doesn't understand much either so she tends to shy away from many of her classmates however she's always had a flair for learning and was always a high achiever. has already made friends with many of her teachers. train wreck well done are you on the right one. formal are great. so long going to see them go to a different school that's because older children go to high school it's
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a different place if one starts out at seven in the morning and is due back here at six thirty pm. wasn't my decision my parents decided for me i agreed considering that the place is near the university i like so much. i confess i didn't have the foggiest idea how to get up at six in the morning. even and eleven thousand years old the boys cultural background is completely russian here he has to change his ways i think so far it's a bit of a challenge for him. and the evidence of. those two is very proud very eva. she said that she never never. my surprise me if
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it was slow week. she says she's very proud of you because you immediately put the t. shirt on and felt an affiliation with the school. you are. you have the first day extension in the premier league and. everything you and me a link to friends. is that they can stand on a course and as the first day but that is right because there is faith that year can be achieved and. how was good i go. to give you a medal i got a medal for spelling english letters correctly i see them every single day and i say to them has turned out to be the best again all i hear is endless praise i must say this truly encourages. that you're a good boy artur you're simply super. genius that's what i always say to them but
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russian teachers back home would tell me that if my children thought they were the best they would lose all motivation and they wouldn't push themselves at all indeed i say to myself what's the point of pushing yourself if i have nothing as my children are not pushing themselves they'll have plenty of opportunity to do that when they grow up with my approach is different from that of my own parents i was under strong pressure to study study in nothing but study as far as my children are concerned i don't have any ambitions as to morrow they tell me they would like to be janitors honestly i'd be only too glad to hear it there is nothing wrong with that. let them do what they like to do what i like to give my children a chance to see the world in all its glory. allow her children to lose heart she is ready to enjoy inconveniences for their
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sake because she wants them to enjoy this view from the window when they go to bed and wake up in the morning. close. here in the new home olga has to get up early to do some of the household chores in moscow the perks of a nanny and chauffeur will routine but in italy there are none of those luxuries yet. if you. do one tags every. move your hand. for you today don't worry but only for today the milk has gone sour. you. will get back to parch tomorrow. just great right gets awful gross.
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olga often recalls what she thought was a hopeless situation and pregnancy. the fear of it came at a most inconvenient moment. i was about to graduate from the academy with the prospect of a star studded career i had a lot of interesting offers. i am just doing that i could deal with the older children with the help of my husband and a nanny. but combining work and a newborn would be too much like the book. i had expected to become pregnant though at twenty four i was still a young woman. i had considered an abortion. but thank goodness somehow i couldn't bring myself to do that. but life has shown
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that nothing is impossible. however good did lose one child at birth and thirty she was expecting twins the boy. but his twin sister did not. it would be. there is one thing that unsettles me their idea that my own children might fall ill. with a terrifying thought is that something might go wrong with one of them. bringing an end to the joys of life and turning it into a nightmare. european office needs to be up and running within a month but she hasn't yet found suitable premises then she'll need to furnish it and employ stuff with that in mind travels to zero several times a week. so actually we all.
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three three rooms. where it just. yeah yeah right and. we would like to employ russian speaking staff but it's very difficult to find such people i regularly interview candidates but most of them are rejected after we read their resumes. it takes a three hour drive to get to the company's new offices in switzerland has italian home that was the business woman's conscious choice despite the inconvenience she made the decision a long time ago and now it's one to receive the full support of her family. told her made her mind up about this place several years ago. she was traveling from the switzerland to italy by train one bright sunny day or. when i passed by these
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beautiful legs she thought of the great to spend some time here. or there when my face was glued to the window when the train came to a stop i saw four letters in the side c o m o o o this is what i said to murat as soon as i arrived in milan i know the place where i'd like to live. pictures of lake como on the walls she was sure it would help her to realize her dreams after finally settling in italy now has new pictures to hang up. now trying to invade the future for my children i want them to be happy in their new schools with their new friends i want the decision to come here and to have a positive outcome is confident that she's on the right track she believes that all of her current problems but temporary a life style rules and her children remain their inspiration.
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whenever i look at my kids i see how nice they are i think my husband and i are very good at producing such marvelous creations so much snow that it would be a shame to deprive the world of more of the same we say jokingly if i give birth in italy will call the little one francesca all francesco we don't know yet but we'll see when the time comes. wealthy british style. markets why now. find out what's really happening to the global economy. on our t.v. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so horrid you think you understand it and then you glimpse
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something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture. at. least be july which cuts for programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on the t.v. reporting from the world's hot spots of a c.r.t. t.v. interviews intriguing story for you here. in trying. to find out more visit our big teeth dog called.
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play. place. player. play. play play play play lead. and.
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